University of Auckland

Friday 16th & Saturday 17th November 2012

We extend a very warm and special invitation to indigenous Māori, Pacific, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  academics, psychologists, graduates of psychology and psychology students. The conference is open for attendance by all who wish to hear presentations led by indigenous people around the conference theme.

“At the Local Interface”

  1. Innovative ways of working with indigenous clients and communities;
  2. Critically reflective experiences of indigenous practitioners engaged with indigenous clients and communities;
  3. New solutions for persistent challenges.

Working in indigenous worlds with our own peoples can be both challenging as well as satisfying.  The indigenous psychologist has much to offer, and equally, just as much to learn from indigenous clients and communities.  This conference invites contributions that share experiences of working at the interface within research, teaching and practice and will move forward the task of discussing and documenting an indigenous psychology relevant to New Zealand, the Pacific and Australia.  Contributions by indigenous practitioners and students are invited that meet the above three goals.